Honda monthly used parts

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JDMaster is dedicated in providing used Jap car parts for various models Honda-Nissan-Subaru-Mazda-Mitsubishi-Toyota-Suzuki. Get quality used parts at an affordable price, and excellent customer service. We strive for perfection to ensure the best quality of used jap parts. All of our parts price’s are set on the condition and the rare of the item. There is a difference from mint to abused parts and common to rare find. So with these sectors in mind, we set the pricing. We have been in collaboration with many shops from Japan – Uk, so our partners are always ready to cover our needs and we are here to deliver to you and secure the lowest prices possible, without sacrificing quality. All of our engines are fully inspected, compression and leak tested before we ship to ensure its quality.


Honda monthly used parts list

Civic Type-r FN2 seats in good condition – 600€ 

Civic Type-r EP3 facelift front seats in good condition – 350€

Civic Typer EP3 anniversary RECARO seats in good condition – 700€

Civic Type-r EP3 MOMO JDM steering wheel in good condition – 250€

Civic Typer FN2 steering wheel in great condition – 220€


Engine longblock K24A3 – 1.200€

Engine longblock K20A2 02′  – 1.500€

K20A JDM DC5 integra type-r 220ps complete swap (engine-gearbox lsd-wiring-ecu-axles) – 4.000€

Κ20Ζ4 Civic Type-r FN2 2008′ complete engine swap (engine-gearbox-wiring-ecu-axles) – 3.000€

K20A2 Civic Type-r EP3 2004′ complete engine swap (engine-gearbox-wiring-ecu-axles) – 2.800€

B16A2 Civic Vti EG6 94′  complete swap (engine-gearbox-wiring-ecu-axles) – 1.200€

B16A2 Civic Vti EK4 97′ complete swap (engine-gearbox-wiring-ecu-axles) – 1.500€

H22A7 accord typer 212ps complete swap (engine-gearbox lsd-wiring-ecu-axles) – 2.200€

K20A JDM DC5 ITR engine longblock – 2.550€

B16A2 94′ EG6 engine longblock – 700€

B16A 98′ EK4 JDM SIR engine longblock – 1000€

Gearbox K20A2 Civic Type-r EP3 NPQ3 – 600euro

Gearbox K20A2 Civic Type-r EP3 LSD 5.1 final drive – 1000euro

Gearbox Honda S2000 F20C   – 650euro

Flywheel facelift 04-05 civic type-r ep3 k20 (lightweight) – 100€


Civic EK 3DR sunroof glass complete with base plate – motor etc – 150euro

Civic EK 99-00 rear bumper OEM – 70€

Civic Typer ep3 2005 facelift bumper with spoiler and grill – 450€

Civic Typer EP3 2005 rear bumper with spoiler – 200€

Civic Typer ep3 2005 facelift front grill – 150€


Rota Fighter 17X8 ET48 5×114 – 450€

Enkei GTC01 17X7 ET38 5X114 – 750€

Honda CRX / Civic ecu PW0 OBD0 CRX VTEC chipped ecu  – 100euro

EP3 front calipers – 170€

FN2 front calipers – 200€

2pot Accord Type-r front calipers – 300euro

ΒlackWorksRacing lower control arm bar in great used condition – 80euro

Function7 billet rear subframe brace civic eg – 140€

Skunk2 60mm catback Honda Civic EP3 – 100€



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