Hardrace Rear Sway Bar + Sub-Frame Brace Set Honda Civic EK


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Sway Bar affects the handling and the car’s over steer and under steer. It ties the lower suspension links together across the front or back, will keep your car flat in turns instead of leaning over to one side. Hardrace sway bars provide better control especially at high speeds cornering . Designed for OE direct replacement . Hollow internal structure . Heat treated, adjustable type (2 holes) . Correction of under or oversteer . Improve more grip and better handling . Increased stability while during high speed cornering HARDRACE Rear Sub-frame Brace are designed to stiffen up the chassis and reduce vehicle chassis flex. This will increase the rigidity of your car during high speed driving and hard cornering. This is why HARDRACE Rear Sub-frame Brace can maximizes the performance of the suspension and brings better handling feeling and quicker response.

25.4 mm SWAY BAR

Application : HONDA CIVIC EK