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Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus B-Series Oil Pan Gasket Set

It’s widely known that all bseries engines suffer from leaks which can develop as time and miles go by. The oil pan gasket is a common leak found on the B series engines – unfortunately, many owners or shops may try to tighten the oil pan bolts to stop the leak. Even the oem genuine gasket can suffer from leaks as miles go by.

This makes matters worse, as the oil pan on these engines have raised dimples that are stamped in the flange to prevent over compression of the gasket on the assembly line.

By tightening the bolts beyond the original torque specification, these dimples can be crushed and the oil pan sealing flange can deform, creating leak paths and will resulting in an even worse leak!

Unlike OE-style gaskets for these engines – including many sold within the aftermarket – the new Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus oil pan gasket features a rigid, steel-core construction and built in torque limiters that prevent over-compression of the gasket and overtorquing of the oil pan bolts, even in cases when the flange dimples have been deformed. This new gasket, designed and manufactured in the Fel-Pro Gaskets engineering and manufacturing complex in Skokie, Illinois, uses Fel-Pro’s proprietary molded rubber formulation and precisely located dual sealing beads on each side of the steel core for exceptional sealing performance.

FYI – Installation TipThe OE gasket does have two compression limiters molded into it – they can be found only on the transmission side of the pan. When removing the old gasket, these limiters can be left behind, stuck to the pan. If these limiters are left in place, the limiters built into the Fel-Pro gasket will stack on top of them and result in an oil leak.

Be sure to inspect and remove them when cleaning the flange.

Like every Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus gasket, the OS 30630 T must be installed on clean and dry sealing surfaces, with no sealers, adhesives, or RTV applied to the gasket. The repair manual replacement procedure instructions should be followed for this gasket, as with all Fel-Pro gaskets unless otherwise noted. As directed by the repair manual for these applications, there are 4 areas on the engine block where RTV must be applied – the two joints created by the oil pump and the two joints created by the right side cover. RTV is needed at these points because the components coming together creates a joint which no gasket can “flow” into. A little bit of RTV will get on the gasket when the gasket and pan are placed on the block, which is ok as long as RTV is not applied anywhere else.

Fel-Pro oil pan Snap-Ups® are included with the set and are a clean, simple and effective way to speed up the oil pan gasket installation. Simply thread them into the block where the oil pan bolts go, snap the oil pan gasket in place, then the pan itself and start threading the bolts in. Once the oil pan is secure, the Snap-Ups are easily removed and are reusable.
Installed properly, Fel-Pro’s new OS 30630 T PermaDryPlus oil pan gasket provides the best sealing solution for the aftermarket sealing surface conditions found on Honda B series engines. While this gasket is not part of the Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets line, it will work well in high performance and turbocharged applications where oil temperatures and crankcase pressure are higher.