Combo package – Hardrace traction control & front camber kit Honda EG/EK/DC/DelSol


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Ultimate package for track enthousiast and drag strip setup

Hardrace Hardrace Traction Bar 
HARDRACE Traction Bar is designed to increase the stiffness and stability of the vehicle’s suspension. By installing the traction bar, the front suspension becomes more solid thus Increase traction to ground.
– Powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance
– Prevent spring windup during breaking.
– Easy to fit, direct bolt on
– 3D design processing

Hardrace Front Arm Camber Kit

HARDRACE Camber kit made chassis alignment more accurate, the arm of camber kit series include elevation angle, inclination angle and beam angle products, etc. HARDRACE camber kit reduces tire wear and increase tire durable. Made with harden rubber bushing, provide advanced stability and accurate response steering, especially during high speed driving and cornering.

. One-piece, OE design
. Camber adjustment
. Provides stability
. Assists to reduce chassis twist and flex
. Increases steering response
. Anti-corrosion coating for extended control arm life


CIVIC EG 92-95, INTEGRA DC2 97-01, CIVIC EK 96-00, DELSOL 92-96