Red track spec civic was back at the field past month, getting some more treatment with go fast bits and a free track practire for testing.

Some more parts at the “to do” list:

  • Baffle sump kit
  • Air duct & heat shield
  • Toda header

Started by removing the oil pan , a great opportunity to check the internals of the engine (bearings) and right next prepping the oil pan to get the baffle kit welded in. Oil starvation happens during hard cornering and heavy braking and is particularly common problem on track. This baffle prevents oil surges due to oil shifting caused by centrifugal forces.

baffle b16

Moving into the powerplant, at the moment is simple as planned to track the car frequently. Air enters into the B18 GSR through a Tegiwa carbon air intake , following into a Skunk2 pro series intake manifold using a the stock b18 throttle body. These where all done long ago, but it was time to add another fresh air mod to the whole setup.




A flex ram air intake, which now sucks fresh and cold air from the front of the bumper ending right under the air filter. The whole process , finished with our custom frp heat shield cover which was originaly designed from us and was used to our past race spec civic eg6. With a little mod was fitted and it’s perfect for that purpose.



Right next , a rare to find used Toda 4-2-1 header at a cheap price was a great upgrade over the stock b18 gsr header. Before the installation the header was heat wrapped to reduce radiant exhaust heat, keeping the incoming air/fuel mixture cool and potent.

Now the exit path is comprised of the Toda header, custom test pipe, and custom 2.5″ exhaust system. Currently more than enough to power the light hatchback around the track.



Last work left was another alignment to check the car and get it back on the “track ready” mode.





To combine the article with the test after the tune , we attended a free trackday practice a few weeks later so the driver can push and see if can squeeze the lap times.

Just 2 cars only at the track, sunny weather, what better can you ask for this kind of track testing.






The car is now set to constantly make lap times of 1.35.

Doing sevaral laps and trying to find the hitting of the apex (which not really happened) , Vasilis was desperate to break that 1.35 barrier .

At whole 20min lap session he was left alone at the track .




And at the end of the session, this is how our day ended. 1.49.99. That’s funny how to break the 1.35.


Everything gone great, Vasilis was more than excited and he really enjoy it because that’s exactly what it’s for. To enjoy and have some fun at the track.

Just because what we always want is to set targets, let’s clock down the lap to 1.33 barrier which is exactly what we strive for at next

Stay tuned!



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