It’s been long time since we last updated the EK track project and a lot of changes happened so let’s grab a fast forward to check what was done!

We’ve been keept away from blog updates generally , due to continuously working on several projects so not enough time left over to pass our work into text, but we never left the camera alone….

Vasilis have taken his track civic very seriously and he will not let down until we smash that sub 1.34** lap time at serres racing circuit.

We know that it’s able to be done, driver knows that too and we are for now on seeking for ONE PERFECT LAP. When you see this title sometime soon at the blog update, be ready for something fast.

Till then let’s just say that the car is now having a rebuilt engine, bringing it back to health and making it a bit more powerful grabbing a 200ps level (still using the same b18c4 engine)


Done a properly break in run and right after a dyno ecu tuning session with the new ecu software using Neptune , programmed by Vtecman.

Having issues with inlet high temp, for some reason let us down on the desired output we where looking for, so we just finished the dyno session in order not to push it without reason. Just in a very very hot day too…




Anyway, once the car came back we had some very interesting plans to work with. Aero mods! Since the custom front splitter brackets arrived, it was about time to create a wooden scale for the front splitter. Running mostly as a prototype test version, was made simply with not much bracing in order to check the clearance and a possible contact at the track. So this means that we wanted first to check it and later make it better. So for now it will be like this.




For finishing off the front end, the front headlight became tinted and the bonnet was painted black to match the vented carbon centre of it. It’s really nice!


Moving on to the back of the car, a massive aluminium aero wing kit civic ek specific, came from BYC and it was said to instantly produce downforce  straight out of the packaging!  The fitment, the design and the materials where superb in matter of the pricing of this kit and we finish it off spotless!









As long as the car was lifted at the workshop, it was time to check an issue with the brakes and add some fresh oil to be ready for the upcoming track event.


Motul 8100 5W40 , with Hamp oil filter and a set of Ferodo DS3000 front brake pads.


And quess what….we found the weak point of the brakes. The civic cup brakes pads where badly worn. Not much running kms on these, but the thickness and surface area was for sure worn. The discs in the other side, where in great shape and much better than we expected. Lets remind that the brake setup is 282mm front RPB discs, type-r callipers, RPB brake lines, Motul RBF 600 brake fluids and Ferodo DS3000 brake pads.



In the meanwhile these Ferodo brake pads where already tested on the next track event we attended and the breaking was improved and the feedback was much better than ever before. You will read more at our next update…



Till then, a nice track practice was done so get ready to see some great footage we are about to upload soon!


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