Another session with tune and test for the track spec civic, this time messing around with few aero mods and a trackday event.

A little bit late on updates, as most of the below scene had been done 2 months ago but we didn’t had the time to grab them all so here is what was done. The civic came back at the workshop , loaded with a used lightweight vented hood , a pair of BuddyClub aluminum rear control arms and a some of our custom works to the exterior body parts.

Let’s take it from the begging.

It’s cool to see nicely modded aero civic but it’s not always how they look , it’s mostly how these mods perform. This vented hood bought as a second hand and it was originally carbon fiber but was painted from the previous owner. No matter the color match, it certainly does it’s job as it’s going to reduce some overall weight and it also a vented hood which means we are going to reduce the engine bay heat as it’s exits through the vent.

bil civic ek 9

To be safe from unexpected damages, we bolted a set of genuine Aerocatch hood pins which are a safe and easy way to lock and unlock the hood event if you using the stock hood latch .

buddy club civic ek aerocatch

Next step was to block the air pass into the engine bay from the bumper and modify the rear bumper to allow more air to travel through the rear bumper.

bil civic ek 4

The front bumper modification was done by using a aluminum plate , matched into the bumper main grill at the driver side, which now block the air. This was done to prevent air cooling the header and the engine unit itself as it goes through the bumper grill.

bil civic ek 5

Another upgrade that was on the list to do was the rear lower control arms. Unexpectedly the oem rear lca lasted without any bushing fail till now but it was time to be replaced with aluminum ones.  BuddyClub racing aluminum lca was chosen, which are nice lightweight and durable option.The P1 Racing LCA retains factory suspension geometry but weighs only 2 lbs. thanks to their construction from aircraft grade 7075- T6 Aluminum.

buddy club civic ek

At the rear bumper the work was easier. Just some masking tape to keep measurements and the bumper was ripped by a grinder.  Bumper was cut almost half, the bottom piece now it’s removed and the side bumper protectors were also removed and cutted. This allow more air to travel through the rear bumper reducing wind drag and  increase top speed due to reduced drag & turbulence. Easy and cost effective. In the meanwhile the rear bodyframe was antirust coated in order to be sealed and get that stealth look.

bil civic ek 7

bil civic ek 6

bil civic ek 8

Once all completed car lifted off the ramp to check them all.

Looking good…

bil civic ek 11

bil civic ek 10

A great opportunity to do some testing, was a trackday event at the same circuit as always. Serres Racing

bil civic ek 12

Not much to compare the car, as the tires where worn and the new set didn’t make it on time so the civic was still running the same tired Toyo R888.

It’s constantly making lap times of 1.35 and this makes it stand good for the current setup

bil civic ek 20

bil civic ek 26

Making changes on track, corrects some little points that the circuit asks from the car.

bil civic ek 17

bil civic ek 22

bil civic ek 19

Spotted our ITR DC2 which was there making the very first track testing on street tires.

bil civic ek 16

bil civic ek 15

Enjoy some extra photos!

bil civic ek 13

bil civic ek 14

bil civic ek 18

bil civic ek 21

bil civic ek 23 bil civic ek 24

bil civic ek 25

The track spec civic ek is not going to end any time soon. It’s once again lifted at the workshop, doing a overall engine rebuild and upgrades to make it more powerful as well some more aero mods. Dream it, do it, drive I and enjoy the outcome. That’s all about.

Stay tuned!


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