Bulgarian Time Attack -SRC- Honda Integra Type-r DC2

Another event that we attempt, was the final round of the Bulgarian Time Attack challenge, which held in Serres Racing Circuit. A Honda Integra Type-r was spotted at the participants. Let’s have a closer look…

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Project ITR DC2 update #4 cosmetic & aero mods

It took us way too long to continue working on the car, for several circumstances but this gave us the opportunity to order a lot of suspension-chassis related parts.

Until we get them all , we started working with some cosmetic modifications making the front headlights tinted to a light dark gunmetal look which is very nice and modifying the rear bumper adding our newly designed air diffuser aluminium plates ……and a few more stuff.

Let’s have a look.

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Project ITR DC2 update #2 wheels / brakes

After several days, the time has come to put the Kosei wheels back into the car. Now these are powder coated blue metallic which is really looking stunning.

Before we process into the installation, it was ideal to make a brake upgrade too. Our old racing eg6 setup of Wilwood big brake kit was left in the storage and it was a great choice to put them on and fill the gap behind these wheels.

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