SSP B-Series Toda style 4-2-1 header

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SSP 4 2 1 B Series Toda Replica Exhaust Manifold (2.5″ outlet)

This B-Series Manifold features a true 4-2-1 merge collector design with true 2.5″ collector, equal exhaust flow.  This manifold delivers the best peak horsepower gain while utilizing a one piece design.  All manifolds  feature 10mm thick head flanges and 8mm exhaust flanges with 2.5” exhaust collectors .This is ideal for all forms of competition; Autocross, Drag racing and road racing. Being a 4-2-1 configuration means it has excellent clearance and ultimately your Manifold won’t get beat up on speed bumps

-Stainless Steel CNC Flanges
-2MM Pipe wall thickness
-SUS304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent tubes
-All ports are ported and polished
-HAND TIG Welded for Strength and durability
-2.5 Standard Donut collector
-Weight reduction
-All Ports Paired with Engine Firing Order
-Multi-Layer Gasket included

Pipe Configuration:

45mm > 50mm > 60mm > 63.5mm Outlet

The quality of this product competes against most top end brands, and the fitment is within OEM spec.


Honda Civic Integra Bseries B16-B18