SpeedFactory Race Radiator Combo Kit Honda Acura Civic Bseries Kseries


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SpeedFactory Race Radiator Combo Kit -16an Hose, Fittings, Fill Neck and Thermostat Housing

This is a combo package that includes the following components:

  • SpeedFactory Race Radiator with -16an inlet/outlet
  • SpeedFactory Race Shroud and SPAL 9″ High Performance Fan
  • SpeedFactory -16an Fill Neck for GSR or B16/ITR
  • SpeedFactory -16an Thermostat Housing
  • Vibrant Performance -16an Fittings x 4
  • Vibrant Performance -16an Black Braided Radiator Hose

This is a complete kit that will come with all the parts needed to assemble your complete cooling system.  The fittings and hose will need to be assembled before installation.  You will need to specify which cylinder head you are using as this kit is only for the B16/ITR head or GSR clyinder head.

*We do offer a kit for the K Series Engines as well, but some of the components are from K-Tuned for the fill neck and the thermostat housing.