RRS FIA competition seat bucket + 4 point harness + side mounts

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Complete race ready package from RRS.


– Brand new seat F.I.A. approved 8855-1999

– It is the first design manufactured by the brand using a fiberglass construction shell.

– Seat ready to accommodate a wider-range of drivers.

– Additional reinforcement side bolsters with non-slip fabric.

– Interior Styrofoam cushions offering top comfort.

– Slots for a 5 point race harness.

– Cushions can be removed if necessary.

– Stainless steel hardware delivered.

– Weight: 9kg

– Color: Black

Manufacture date: 2016

Expiration date: 2021 / 12 / 31

  • RRS steel seat mounting brackets (for 1x seat)

Pair of RRS 3mm steel mounting brackets.

Multi-drilled to find the perfect adjustment and driving position.


In compliance with FIA standards.

Anti-glint black paint, with large RRS white logos.

  • RRS FIA EVO4 FIA harnesses

MADE IN 2016.

Validity : 12/31/2021

For races with FIA Regulation

RRS FIA EVO4 harnesses. Cheap price, high security level.

Straps width : 3”

  • ¼ magnesium alloy rotative buckle
  • Yellow fitting straps, for easy tightening/loosening
  • Velcro tape for drink system distribution tube and/or intercom cables
  • All mobile parts have an anti-glint paint coating.
  • FIA 8854-98 standard
  • Sold with its 4x 7/16 eyelets
  • 2 installations possible : By rolling around transversal Hans bar, or with carabiners

Comes with 6x 7/16 eyebolts

Weight: 2.5 kg (without eyelets)

RRS works directly with one of the biggest safety straps factory in the world, to provide racing safety harnesses able to long for years and years.

Easy to use, super safe, reliable, with a fantastic racing look.

Our harnesses are FIA approuved, and were tested by european laboratory.

Then, FIA uses to test frequently and randomly harnesses sold in the market, to guarantee a constant quality.

RRS harnesses are perfect for rally, track, and all motorsports.