RRS ECOFIREX FIA mechanical fire extinguisher 4,25l complete kit

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RRS ECOFIREX FIA mechanical fire extinguisher 4,25l complete kit
The first and unique proudly Made in France racing extinguisher !
FIA 13th of December 2013 certification.

After months and months of development, RRS ECOFIREX® 4.25 litre capacity extinguisher systems was created.
Made with a steel bottle that is filled with AFFF base extinguishant, the canister is treated internally with an anti-corrosion coating. Like this, no rust, and preserved safety.
Supplied with CE approved valves
Includes easy installation instructions.
FIA homologation: EX.037.13
Kit contains:
Canister 1x 4.25 l AFFF with mechanical valve
2x aluminum tubes 4m each.
2x brackets
2x zippers
6x nozzles
2x fittings 90 °
1x 3-way connector
4x T connector
2x E (Extinguisher) sticker
1x installation manual

Weights 8,1kg

 FIA Approved –
Perfect for use in closed cockpit racing cars. (rally, GT, track…)

ECOFIREX advantages :
The best quality/price ratio in the market. Absolutely unrivaled.
Direct from production unit : No intermediate, less margin, better selling price.
CE approved valves
Cables with large T handles
Cannister with internal anti-rust coating
Easy to install.
FIA EX.037.13