Race chassis pack – Honda Civic Type-r EP3 01-06 (sway bar-camber-bushings-steering rack)


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Most effective combo pack, that completely transform civic type-r ep3 steering and handling performance.

These products are proven to transform the handling and the steering feedback as well as providing a long lasting performance.

On lowered vehicles ,the alignment specs are infected wrongly causing less handling and cornering feedback as well as bad tire wear.

With the parts below, you provide chassis stiffness with the sway bar upgrade and the bushing set, as well as you upgrade the steering respond by correcting the rear camber and the front steering rack operation.

Pack includes:

  1. Tegiwa rear camber kit
  2. Tegiwa steering rack riser
  3. Tegiwa adjustable steering arms
  4. Polybush polyurethane bushing kit
  5. Tegiwa 24mm rear sway bar and bracing

Application: Honda Civic EP 01-06 (1.4/1.6/2.0 Type-r)