Air intake kit aluminum Honda Civic EG EK S2000 FN2 CRX


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Air intake systems are designed to maximize the airflow through the stock or aftermarket manifold system. By removing the stock molded rubber intake system and adding quality mandrel bent intake piping with a constant radius, maximum airflow through the throttle body is achieved. The maximum airflow results in better throttle response and increases horse power. Short Ram Intakes are designed to take air near the intake manifold, thus resulting in hotter air. To achieve even better performance, with high powered vehicles, Cold Air Intakes are the better option.

Cold air intakes have long pipes and low filters. Instead of drawing in air from the engine bay where it has had time to heat, the cold air intake draws air in from near the ground, bringing it up to the engine while it is still cool. With Cold Air Intake, the air is more dense and can be mixed in with the fuel, leading to higher oxygen content and a more powerful explosion, driving the engine faster.


  • Polished silver or powdercoated black or red colors available
  • All mounting material included
  • Filter not included

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Civic EG 92-95 DelSol, Civic EK 1.5 – 1.6 Vtec Vti, S2000, Civic/Crx 88-91, FN2 Civic Type-r